Market Signals

The Market Signals web widget helps monitor the Forex market with real-time alerts of significant changes in currency prices. The alerts are aimed at major technical trading signals and are produced by five types of triggers:

  • “Sharp Move” gets set off if a currency rate’s change exceeds a certain pip amount within a time frame from 10 seconds to five minutes,
  • “Intraday Level” reacts to a currency pair reaching a new intraday high or low,
  • “High/Low” sends an alert when an exchange rate reaches its highest or lowest level for the past day, week, month, quarter, half-year, or year,
  • “Support/Resistance” reacts to a currency pair passing one of three support or three resistance levels set up at the beginning of the day and reported by Dukascopy TV,
  • “Figure Level” gets set off when an exchange rate reaches a value that is multiple of 100 pips, thus touching a numerically round level.

Market News
The market can be bought and sold privately or on stock exchanges, and such transactions are typically heavily regulated by governments to prevent fraud, protect investors, and benefit the larger economy. As new shares are issued by a company, the ownership and rights of existing shareholders are diluted in return for cash to sustain or grow the business.