CFD Adjustment Calendar

The CFD Adjustment Calendar web widget lists times and rates for adjustments in CFDs offered by Dukascopy Bank for UK Brent Oil (BRENT.CMD/USD), US Crude Oil (LIGHT.CDM/USD), Natural Gas (GAS.CMD/USD), and High-Grade Copper (COPPER.CMD/USD). The adjustments are introduced as these CFDs are non-expiring spot-traded oil, gas, and copper derivatives, and their spot prices are influenced by the prices of futures of the underlying commodities traded on the exchanges.

Thus an adjustment is done one day prior to the expiry date of the corresponding WTI, Brent Crude Oil, Natural Gas, or Copper futures contracts, and the adjustment rate is published by Dukascopy Bank at 13:30 GMT summer / 14:30 GMT winter time on the respective days. Client accounts are adjusted according to the published rates on the same day at 18:30 GMT summer / 19:30 GMT winter time.

The adjustments may constitute credit or debit depending on the direction of the client’s position. The adjustment rates are shown in quote currency per instrument unit in columns “Buy” and “Sell”, and in the chosen account currency for the specified amount of contracts in “CCY” columns.


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